A Smooth Workflow Management with Office Automation System


The field of electronics has greatly modified the IT industry; its impact in other fields has also been conspicuous. One of the greatest innovations, which have revamped the entire IT sector is the OAS or Office Automation System. It has enabled a smooth running and better execution of administrative functions of an IT Industry.

Link between Supporting Department and Core Department:

Office Automation System helps to integrate the core department with the subsidiary departments. Communication is made easier with the availability of e-mail, fax, Internet, voice mail, desktop videoconferencing, electronic collaboration, and telecommuting. The subsidiary departments can now discuss among themselves matters of immense importance through mail and voice mails. Matters are thus solves with greater efficiency in a shorter span of time. People are brought closer as regards their work matter making way for easier and better communication.

How it reduces the cost?

Since office automation system does not require any paperwork, a lot of money is saved. More work can be done electronically with greater efficiency and more precision than manpower. Reducing the latter is therefore one of the…


Source by Tyler Moon