Access Control Booths

In order to monitor and control who comes in and out of your business premises, one of the things that you need to install is a high quality access control booth where your security guard can sit and wait for guests. This simple booth at the entrance to your car park provides a visible deterrent for any would be criminals, and acts as a way of ensuring that visible security is seen at the entrance to your premises. It also gives an excellent impression to visitors and shows that your business is something that you take seriously and are prepared to invest in its security.

The whole impression that a visitor to your business is given can make a huge difference to whether they want to use your services, so it is important to present the right image to them. An access control booth is often the first tangible sight of a business that people have, so it is important that the booth is smart, modern, clean, and that it presents the company image or color scheme. These are all virtues that you want people to associate with your business, and should be presented at the start of a customer experience.