Biometric Access Control May Be Used to Log into a PC

Biometry is the most reliable means of security in modern times. Officials of this industry advise in favor of this technology. It hardly leaves any room for identity theft. It takes into consideration unique parts of the body that do not change over time like face, fingerprints, iris, voice, palm, etc. These parts are scanned and stored as separate templates for each individual. Next time onwards, they only need to show that part of the body again; they will be recognized. Face detection is the most popular amongst all! This kind of a device uses advanced algorithms to make out selected faces. Mechanism may be combined with access control software to limit access.

Biometric access control is generally used with an electromagnetic door lock. Physical entrance or exit point is guarded by the technology against unauthorized admission. However, unauthorized admission may not be merely physical. If you do not wish your Personal Computer (PC) to be operational to anybody but selected individuals, you may consider this technology. If you do not want to rely only on passwords while logging into it, you may go for this application. There is no actual entrée made in this type of a…

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