Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric fingerprint access control mechanism incorporates and integrates a variety of solutions offered by the company like access control, fingerprint reader and biometric login. All of these tools are aimed at providing customized methods to the users for biometric safety and security, identification and authentication, personnel data storage, time and attendance management.

The fingerprint access control comes with biometric login and access using the fingerprint of the authorized user/personnel to grant/deny access as per the case. The need for personal supervision within the organization is eliminated in a multi-tiered access structure, thereby saving considerably on cost and time. However, the advanced features included in the fingerprint access control like Live Finger Detection (LFD) provides no compromise on the cutting-edge quality associated with the mechanism.

The LFD feature allows the rejection of fingerprint from a spoof finger made of play-doh or silicone rubber and allows only for a live fingerprint to be scanned. This makes it unable to fake fingerprints and identities, thereby providing a whole another level of data safety and premises security.

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