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The best CCTV installation, IP Cameras and security services in Miami and South Florida, services description and products

The statistics says the camera and IP Cameras installation  has raised  during the last 3 years in Miami County. So many external and internal factors are influencing in the final result of this Security Camera and CCTV evolution in South Florida.

During the lastest years an new econmic boom is hapening in the city of Miami, Miami County, the City of Doral, this one is the city with more concentration of camera stores, IP Security System and camera installation business in Florida. The Economic development and grows this cities are experiencing are the result of new emigration bringing business and capital injection to South Florida coming from Brasil, Venezuela and other cities in USA looking for a better and easier way to make business in USA.

But in cities like Hialeah, Opa Loca, Davis, Pequeña Haiti, Miami Gardens the crime is rising too and the business and home owners are facing security needs.

Now you can find the following camera technologies in the market:

  • Analog
  • High Definition
  • IPCameras
  • WIFI

The Following Security Camera Diagram will show a detailed information about how many cameras technologies you will find in the market, and it does not stop.

Security Camera Technology Diagram
Camera Technology Diagram

Imagine a customer facing this diagram in the store, someone who do not know so much about technology. That’s why is recommendable always use the services of a authorized camera installation company, will help you to save money, will use the right CCTV solution for your home or business, and will provide you a guaranteed service.

  • Concerned about the safety of your office or business place and looking for the best security services provider in Miami?
  • Want to ensure the safety of your house and family?
  • Installing a CCTV service can be very essential for that instance. Now, you must be looking for quotes for CCTV security services?

We are always there for your assistance. We offer quick installation of CCTV cameras in and around Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

If you are seeking for consultation about CCTV , you can give us a call at 786-344-9868. We are a certified Low-Voltage Contractors with years of experience of offering this service.

We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in CCTV installation, access control. We offer all kinds of relevant programming needed for the service.

Repair and maintenance of your CCTV Cameras

Apart from the installation of safety equipments, we do offer maintenance of your security equipments as well. Apart from the installation process, you can also go with our maintenance plan. If you need any kind of inspection of your safety equipments, we are just a call away. Maintaining your CCTV security system is also a very crucial part of the service and we are expert at that.

Exclusive features of our CCTV Security Service

We at UTS, have always offered the best service to all our clients and you too can expect the same from us. We install the best CCTV cameras and other equipment’s. The following are the features, you will be able to enjoy through our service:

Security Camera Installation in Miami

  • Image Clarity – You will be able to see everything and anything from the comfort of your home. The pictures are all crystal clear. You will not get confused with the clarity of the picture.
  • Multiple camera viewing – No matter how many cameras are installed in the house, you can view every camera from the same screen. You can view the videos by date or particular time.
  • Remote viewing – You can enjoy the view of the camera from any place. You can access the cameras from your computer or smart phone in real time.
  • Long lasting service The quality and the service of our equipment are simply amazing. You can rest assured for years once you hire us for the service.
Security Camera Arlo

We install top security camera available in the market. Most common installed and seen in Walmart and Bestbuy like Arlo and professional security systems Hikvision only seen in Professional CCTV stores like Planet Security USA.

Factors that distinguish us from our competitors

There is nothing new to explain about the necessity of CCTV cameras. If you want to ensure the safety of your house or office, you need to install these equipments in your house and who can offer you the best service than UTS in Miami, FL. Here are some features that separate use from our competitors.

1. We have the best team of professionals offering all kinds of CCTV installation service with conviction and dedication.

2. We are certified and insured professionals. You can rest assured about the successful installation of your security devices.

3. Apart from offering the surveillance equipment’s, we help our clients with the installation as well.

4. You can get the most affordable service through us. We don’t deal with the most expensive or branded equipment’s for our clients unless it is required. We aim at securing your place with affordability.

5. If you need any sort of consultation regarding security camera installation, you can get in touch with us anytime.

Common problems customer face when they decide to make a try for security camera installation by them self:

  • Bought the connectors but does not know how to use the special tool to connect it to the cable. As result the cable get detached from the connectors out of the dvr or the camera, then you are start missing the video in that camera. To fix it you need to go to the camera that not always is situated in a easy access place.
  • Customer in the try start braking connectors and money, some times they need to go to the store again to buy more connectors.
  • When start cabling find situation never before have faced and it require experience and even construction skills to fix it falling in an stressful situation as result.
  • I check the cameras from my cellphone but I do not have idea how to do it. (Even a guy who studied cybernetic at the university will need to read about how to do it and it will take more than 2 3 hours in several cases.)
  • I bought an Ip system but I do not have a lot experience with network. In this case you will need an experienced Security Camera installer with strong Network skills to get your security devices working properly