How to Control Your Home Lights via Internet

Suppose you are driving on you way home after a long trip. When you left home a couple of week ago you turned out all the lights out to save energy (and money). It is now late at night and your hoome is all dark. The neighborhood is dark.

You grab your smart phone and connect into your automation controller at home.

With a few taps on your touchscreen your instruct your controller to turn on the porch light and the post lamp by the driveway. Those lights are switched on before you arrive home. As you turn into your driveway to a cheeful home scene, you are glad you installed this simple home automation system.

Home automation used to be the province of expensive, complicated products and installers. No more. Now there are simple, affordable modular products available that you can install yourself. Don’t miss out on the convenience, safety and fun of home automation.

How to control your lights while away from home

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or any other web-enabled PC, Phone or PDA — and you have an internet router and modem at home, you can put them to use as part of an easy-to-use Insteon home automation system. For starters you will need a Centrol Controller, a pair.