Integrated Home Automation Solutions

What the customer wants, the customer gets. While people talk about green buildings, smart automation and home gardens, the truly enterprising developer has already done all of this and is looking at the next possibility around the corner that will change the game and the way luxury is looked at.

Luxury as a term has become a word without differentiation in today’s real estate market. What sets the luxury housing apart is location, space, exclusivity in design and futuristic lifestyle amenities. It’s no longer the price per square foot or the specifications that make the house a luxury home; it’s the intangible feelings such as the freedom one enjoys from all worries, the comfort of exclusivity of space and most importantly, the feeling of being in control of things that defines luxury now.
Luxurious living has always been a hallmark of the privileged in Pune but the kind of growth and development the city has seen in the past decade, increasing a number of buyers are venturing out for premium, super premium and even bespoke homes. Greater disposable incomes, prosperous businesses, the IT boom and traditional wealth have all contributed to the growth in this section.