Privacy Policy

The below stated privacy policy discloses the Miami Total Security LLC privacy practices related to the website and other Miami Total Security websites and documents that directly relates to this privacy policy.

Client privacy:

Client privacy has always been the foremost important thing for us and we pay sincere attention to all the customer details that are provided by the willingly, so that those are not transferred to any unauthorized person.
In order to provide our clients with the best possible service we prefer taking some details of the customers. This will vary depending on the service the client is hiring from us. This often include Name, Address, Email, Contact Numbers and other personal details and we assure the optimal safety of all the details that you’ve provided.
We do not entertain any unauthorized access to the client details and those are strictly maintained in our data system only by the authorized officials. We request all the visitors and customers to go through the company terms and conditions properly in order to have detailed insight about our service norms.

Automatically collected details

Whenever a new visitor visit our website, we collect some details about the client automatically such as; the client IP, browser type, operating system, language, location etc. in order to keep a track of the pages you visit, the service you access and use the date and time of your visit. We maintain a log file to keep these details about the visitors and that is not shared with any unauthorized persons. We may use third party analytics providers such as Google Analytics to assist in collecting the information.