CCTV Security Services

Now you can keep an eye on everything happening in your house or workplace. We have made this complicated task easy for you by offering advanced services including quality CCTV cameras, NVR, DVR for your house. This will allow you to check on a real-time basis that whoever is entering the house. Furthermore, we have skilled professionals to install HD CCTV cameras, NVR, DVR in your house that offer even better clarity for the footage. The best part is that if it gets damaged internally, we will definitely install new cameras in your house. This are mostly used to keep the house owners and the kids safe.

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HD Security Camera

There are some best quality HD cameras, NVR, DVR available into the Market and we prefer installing those on our clients’ house so that they can enjoy an extremely safe ambiance in the house. Installing this camera with the help of our proficient technicians is easier enough. This offers an excellent view of the entire city from a very close encounter. More so, the higher resolutions of the camera offer detailed video quality. This offers a safe and higher quality which enables you to provide the best quality video footages when felt necessary, HD security camera, NVR, DVR installation is a unique approach available in Miami, Florida only at UTS.

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Smart Home automation Services

Smart Home Automation

When you think of ensuring the security of your house in Miami, Florida, you must get in touch with Miami Total Security LLC. We are one of the best security service providers in the city with all kinds of latest technology. Home Automation system is one of the preferred solutions to keep the security control of the house in one device. It basically integrates a single remote control which is a fully customized automation solution to all your security needs. This great security system also keeps you informed when the alarm is off. More so, our installed home automation system is energy efficient as well.

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Access Control

Be it your house or any corporate premises, having a strict control over the access is important. Large companies are hiring for keyless access control services and from that perspective our service is very much efficient in Miami. It’s like a complete business management tool that not only check who comes and goes, it can manage the level of protection with a variety of technologies for say; proximity, barcode, biometric and AVI. More so, this access control service is apt for residential buildings, offices, parking lots, garages etc. Our advanced access control system can work on single door or multisite campus.

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Alarm Installation Services

Alarm System Installation

An appropriate alarm system in the house or in the work place can prevent so many dangerous situations. Realizing that, we have brought an advanced alarm system for your house or work place. Installing this will assure that you do not come in danger. As far as residential security is concerned, this advanced alarm system will make your house “not an easy target” for the burglars. When you install this at commercial place, it will offer the required safety from the trespassers. This monitored alarm system is the best way to protect the potential internal theft. We offer cost-effective installation of this advanced alarm system.

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Structured Cabling

Installing cables properly in your office or house is a very crucial part of the safety of the employees and house members. There are a number of companies offering this service but they are not fully concerned about the safety of their client. We at UTS prefer investing time in designing the cabling process, site inspection and the right installation. Our comprehensive solution is available for all manufacturing types such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, fiber optics and wireless network. We also offer proper cable system management. All our technicians are RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) and BICSI certified.

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Gate System

Want to have constant surveillance on the entrance of your house or office without any person being involved into it? With the help of advanced technology, having a secured gate system is very much possible now. Installing a CCTV camera near your gate can monitor everything happening around this area. We are certified professionals offering our security installation service in Miami, Florida. We can install all kinds of surveillance equipments in your gate system so that you can have total control over the functioning of your gate. We also offer maintenance service as well. So, if your security equipments are not functioning properly, we can offer you the assistance.

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