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Network Access Control unauthorized

Network Access Control Control unauthorized

Network Access Control unauthorized, guest, and non-compliant computers

Network Access Control enables you to control who and what is allowed onto your network; blocking unauthorized users, controlling guest access, and ensuring compliance with your company’s security policy for employees.

Improve security by controlling network access

By implementing Network Access Control (NAC) you reduce the risk of unauthorized, guest, non-compliant, or infected systems compromising your network. A NAC solution gives you a framework to ensure that only correctly secured computers gain network access.

Fixed, mobile, wired or wireless computers connecting to the network can be detected and managed suitably with NAC in place. If operating systems are unpatched, personal firewalls are turned off, or unauthorized applications are being used, access to your network can be denied.

Sophos keeps NAC simple

Our technology uses your current network infrastructure thus reducing implementation time and the costs associated with hardware upgrades or investments in endpoint security. You gain increased proactive protection of your network and a reduction in the cost of identifying and repairing.

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Biometric fingerprint access control mechanism incorporates and integrates a variety of solutions offered by the company like access control, fingerprint reader and biometric login. All of these tools are aimed at providing customized methods to the users for biometric safety and security, identification and authentication, personnel data storage, time and attendance management.

The fingerprint access control comes with biometric login and access using the fingerprint of the authorized user/personnel to grant/deny access as per the case. The need for personal supervision within the organization is eliminated in a multi-tiered access structure, thereby saving considerably on cost and time. However, the advanced features included in the fingerprint access control like Live Finger Detection (LFD) provides no compromise on the cutting-edge quality associated with the mechanism.

The LFD feature allows the rejection of fingerprint from a spoof finger made of play-doh or silicone rubber and allows only for a live fingerprint to be scanned. This makes it unable to fake fingerprints and identities, thereby providing a whole another level of data safety and premises security.

Access Control Booths

In order to monitor and control who comes in and out of your business premises, one of the things that you need to install is a high quality access control booth where your security guard can sit and wait for guests. This simple booth at the entrance to your car park provides a visible deterrent for any would be criminals, and acts as a way of ensuring that visible security is seen at the entrance to your premises. It also gives an excellent impression to visitors and shows that your business is something that you take seriously and are prepared to invest in its security.

The whole impression that a visitor to your business is given can make a huge difference to whether they want to use your services, so it is important to present the right image to them. An access control booth is often the first tangible sight of a business that people have, so it is important that the booth is smart, modern, clean, and that it presents the company image or color scheme. These are all virtues that you want people to associate with your business, and should be presented at the start of a customer experience.