Ruby Andrick, Client testimonials

Ruby Andrick

Business Owner

“I approached them for some house security solutions such as security cameras, alarm system and etc. They have solved the security issues effectively. They have the best designed and latest equipment and products to take their service on the verge of success.”

Jane Nolan, Client testimonials

Jane Nolan


“UTS is the best security service provider in Miami! I hired their service for some internal security purposes in my office and they have decorated the floor with some of the most advanced devices that make it really convenient to have everything under control.”


Ruby Andrick, Client testimonials

Lon Macdonald


“I wanted to install CCTV camera in my office for a close watch on my employees. After consulting with a few people about this, I finally got to know about Miami Total Security LLC. It was extremely a delight working with them. They were extremely professional throughout the project. They have installed the cameras in exact locations where I wanted. I must say that they are extremely affordable and their service has impressed me a lot.”

Jane Nolan, Client testimonials

Bruce Taylor

Mechanical Engineer

“I was looking for a strong security system at the entrance of my house. This was really very important for the safety of my house and family. So I contacted Miami Total Security LLC. I had heard from one of my friends that they are expert at security installation. And now, after the completion of the process, I can say that I haven’t made a mistake hiring them. I can now enjoy the view of my entrance from my bedroom and from my smart phone as well. These guys are really good and smart. I would love to have them hired for my in-house security system as well.”


Ruby Andrick, Client testimonials

Natalie Heaven


“I had no idea how difficult installing CCTV cameras can be. I hired Miami Total Security LLC for installing CCTV cameras in my house. They were really very energetic at completing the entire task in just two days. Lots of things are involved with this process which I was really clueless about. However, their effort is really appreciable. And now I can see my entire house from one place. Isn’t that great?”