Why should I use HD-TVI?

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The HD-TVI camera what is becoming more popular in the market every day.

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why should I choose HDTVI?

HDTVI offers a competitively priced solution to high definition CCTV and its DVRs and cameras are often backward compatible with standard analogue. This makes is a very strong upgrade route for those on a budget as it can be upgraded “bit by bit”. It also runs over coaxial wiring making it ideal for an end user who does not want to rip out and relay new cable runs. Good cross brand compatibility does not restrict the consumer, allowing them to choose cameras they like the look of, or cheaper alternatives from other brands.

HD-TVI is the latest HD over coaxial technology to enter the market. The chipset is not sold to any “single” manufacturer of CCTV thus offering better cross brand compatibility than the other variants.

What HDTVI is?

HD-TVI stands for “High Definition Transport Interface” and is a solution to the problem of transmitting a HD picture over coaxial wiring. Numerous ways around the problem had entered the market prior to HDTVI, but each was not without its issues.
HDSDI was the first of its kind. But its glory was short-lived, suffering from interference from strong RF from even common household items such as WIFI routers. These issues were eradicated with the introduction of HDCVI which utilized low frequency modulation to avoid RF interference.

The transmission range was also improved with HDCVI up to 500 metres. Unfortunately HDCVI was exclusive to Chinese manufacturer Dahua and as a result, cross brand compatibility is poor.